Get ready, Michael Jackson fanatics. On Oct. 12, Sony Music Entertainment's Columbia/Epic Label Group will drop MJ's 'This is It' -- a brand new single and preview cut for a two-disc "inspired by" soundtrack with the same title. The full record comes out on Oct. 27 in order to coincide with the North American premiere of a new concert film entitled 'Michael Jackson's This Is It.'

OK, yes, we already need a recap. The new Michael Jackson song is 'This is It' on a record called 'This is It' from the film 'Michael Jackson's This is It.' I guess the man still has his branding synergy going.

The new track is reportedly featured in the film's closing sequence and includes a rare backing vocal collaboration between the Jackson brothers. The song will appear in two different versions on Disc One of the set, which strongly resembles a straight MJ greatest hits record. Disc Two flips the switch by highlighting unreleased versions of these classics along with a brand-new spoken word poem entitled 'Planet Earth.' The full soundtrack comes with a 36-page booklet that contains exclusive photos from Michael's final rehearsal.