Michael Jackson has garnered himself another posthumous accolade, scoring a Grammy nomination for his song 'This Is It,' the title track off his concert documentary released last year. Jackson received a nod in the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance category, where he will go up against the likes to Michael Bublè, Adam Lambert, Bruno Mars and John Mayer.

Since his passing in 2009, Jackson has received a host of nominations and awards, including sweeping the American Music Awards that same year, winning four trophies. His death also helped reinvigorate the pop star's career, which had slowed down in recent years. After inking a multi-million dollar record deal with Sony, Jackson became Forbes' highest paid dead celebrity beating out Elvis Presley, raking in a whopping $275 million after his death.

With his popularity showing no signs of slowing down, Jackson's estate plans to release a new album of previously recorded music late this month, and recently released a video game mirrored after his likeness and dance moves. Jackson will face off against his musical competitors on music's biggest night, when the 53rd annual Grammy Awards airs live on CBS Feb. 13 at 8PM EST.

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