The Michael Jackson camp is taking the life-after-death concept to a whole new level with the Dec. 14 release of 'Michael,' a posthumous album of duets and new tracks recorded before the pop icon's 2009 death. Today marked another immortal release from the King of Pop -- the 3-disc music video encyclopedia 'Michael Jackson's Vision.' The collection includes the previously unreleased video for the R. Kelly-penned single 'One More Chance,' which originally made Jackson's 'Number Ones' tracklist in 2003.

The 'One More Chance' video appeared online over the weekend in the music video section of Jackson's website. Shot in Las Vegas in 2003, it features MJ dancing on tables as a crowd watches from the adjacent stage. Although it was shelved in his personal archive, Jackson's website insists that Michael had approved the final cut for public release. Check out the 'One More Chance' video after the jump.

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