A glove worn by Michael Jackson during his 'Bad' tour in the 1980s, has sold for $330,000 at Julien's Auctions held in Beverly Hills on Saturday (Dec. 4). The glove was auctioned off alongside a bunch of the King of Pop's belongings, including a signed jacket worn by the superstar, which sold for $96,000 and a fedora he once wore which went for $72,000.

Since his death last year, fans and collectors have been shelling out the big bucks to get their hands on a piece of Jackson's belongings. In October, an arm brace once worn by the singer during a promotional video shoot for the album 'HIStory,' a basketball of his signed by Michael Jordon and a crystal-studded black glove sold for a total of $1 million at an auction in China.

The most recent sale of Jackson's items were featured in Julien's 'Idols and Icons' auction which also featured other celebrity memorabilia. An x-ray of Albert Einstein's brain, sold for $38,750, a military-style jacket worn by John Lennon for a 1966 Life Magazine shoot sold for $240,000, and a couple of Marilyn Monroe's empty prescription bottles fetched $18,750.

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