Though he's been gone for over a year, the late Michael Jackson is still the target of lawsuits aimed at cashing in on the singer's fortune. The latest to join the ranks is Las Vegas landlord Aner Iglesias, who rented a home to the King of Pop from 2008 to 2009. According to TMZ, Iglesias has filed suit in L.A. County Superior Court against the MJ estate in an attempt to recoup $234,000 for damages that Jackson incurred on the property while he stayed on the premises.

The landlord claims to have previously filed a creditor's claim with the estate, but has taken the matter to court after administrators overseeing Jackson's posthumous finances dismissed his claim. Iglesias asserts that MJ not only inflicted damage to both the exterior and interior of the residence, but he also tampered with the alarm system and phone without coughing up the dough to fix them.

This isn't the first time that Jackson's estate has been sued in the wake of his death. Universal Music Publishing Group slammed the Estate with a lawsuit in February 2010 after Jackson was shown singing R. Kelly's 2003 single 'Ignition' on the TV show 'Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies' in 2009. Parties suing the estate could very well be hip to the fact that administrators have secured lucrative deals since Jackson's passing, including a $250 million record deal with Sony Music Entertainment in March 2010.

Jackson's estate is yet to comment on the recent suit.