M.I.A.'s new album, 'Matangi,' debuted this week and to celebrate the release of the effort, the superstar rapper, who's never afraid to show her controversial side, stopped by 'Hot 97 Morning Show' to discuss her bootleg-inspired Versus Versace collection, the Weeknd, the breakdown of her 'Paper Planes' lyrics and more.

The U.K. native began the designer collaboration with Donatella Versace more than a year ago. Those pricey pieces were inspired by the bootleg Versace clothes M.I.A. picked up throughout the last 20 years. However, she admits her supporters aren't feeling the hefty price tag. "My fans keep tweeting me, 'We hate you, we can't afford this," she tells hosts Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez.

But M.I.A. wasn't shy in revealing that the collabo she created can be found elsewhere for cheaper and is potentially of better quality. “Some of the bootleg stuff is actually better than the real Versace,” she states.

She also touched on her new music. Not one to be feature-heavy when it comes to her albums, M.I.A. samples the Weeknd on 'Exodus' and 'Sexodus,' on 'Matangi.' The entertainer is a fan of the Canadian crooner, who she thinks will spark a baby boom. “I feel like the Weeknd probably is gonna inspire a whole generation of babies being born,” the 38-year-old reveals. “In 18 years we’ll find out there was a little peak in the population, then I’d put that down to the Weeknd.”

In addition to those gems, M.I.A. gets into her Tamil background and details the lyrics to 'Paper Planes.' Watch the rhymer get into her groove in the video above.