When it comes to rappers-turned-actors, Method Man and Kid Cudi are prime examples of how to do it right -- just watch 'How High' or 'How to Make It in America.' The two joined forces to appear in the new CBS series 'Scorpion' Monday night (Nov. 10).

The 'Risky Business' episode took the two rappers to familiar territory as Team Scorpion is hired by the police to help solve the murder of a music blogger.

Cudi plays Peyton Temple, a music prodigy who knows more than just the world of electronic music and is targeted due to an algorithm that can be the key to writing hit songs. On the other side, Method Man plays Lucky the King, a label exec who manages hardcore hip-hop artists and is suspected of the murder.

While showing their acting chops, we even get to see the two play it out in a scene together, which you can watch above.

'Scorpion' is loosely based on real-life computer expert Walter O'Brien and follows a group of geniuses who help the government solve some of the world's crises. The show airs on CBS on Mondays at 9PM EST.

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