Note to all bloggers, music critics and anyone else with a pen and pad: Method Man is watching you.

"I started reading my album reviews from these dudes. It's like, 'Method Man is wack, but MC Clown Around is the dopest sh*t that ever f***ing happened to hip-hop'?" he told AOL Music. "Who the f*** are you to tell me my sh*t ain't cutting edge enough, and you ain't seen no parts of the ghetto? That's cool you grew up on hip-hop music. But you can watch boxing all day, and that don't mean your a** can fight."

With his new CD '4:21... The Day After' in stores and a possible album with buddy Redman in the works, the Ticallion Stallion hopes to get his lyrical mojo back. We think.

"Nothin' at all," he said when asked what he'd bring back to hip-hop. "Meth is just more aggressive on this album. The kids are gonna get that other poppy bullsh*t first, because they've been programmed by all you guys."

Ouch. OK, well, what can fans expect on your upcoming tour? "Nothin'. I'm one of the greatest entertainers that ever did it, B. If people have ever been to my show, they already know what to expect. A Method Man show is an experience."

As was this interview.