We've heard this many times before: Celebrities claiming the "media" took their words out of context. Thus is the case with Method Man and a Daily News story that stated the rapper failed to pay his taxes because he was too high. While Meth admits that he does spark up, and that he, in fact, did forget to pay his taxes, the rapper feels the paper "misconstrued" his words.

"I tried to explain it the best I could in the Daily News article," Meth told the BoomBox. "The guy misconstrued all my words. There's nothing I can say at this point in time to make that situation any better. If people were smart they'd think 'OK, why didn't they take his house?' They came and they took a car, which I got back the next week. My statement was taken totally outta context."

The rapper/actor went on to admit that his image worked against him in this situation. "That's what happens when you do a movie called 'How High.' Everybody wants to be a comedian and s---, and focus on one aspect of your personality which is, you know, smoking or whatever, and I was pissed about that."

Method Man did, however, offer up a more reasonable excuse for failing to pay his taxes on time. "I'm on the road 10, 11 months out the year, and sometimes when you come back home...if no one's taking care of your bills...my cellphone would be off sometimes, s--- like that."

Likely story, but Meth doesn't hide behind his misstep. You gotta, pay those bills, that's the bottom line! And I treated that tax s--- like a f---ing light bill. 'Well, they ain't turn the lights off yet, I ain't gotta pay it yet.'" At least, he's learned his lesson. Don't wait until they turn your lights off to pay your light bill.

Method Man and Redman's second joint album, 'Blackout! 2,' is in stores now.