On Friday’s (July 22) episode of WeTV’s Marriage Bootcamp, music producer Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, Jr. was asked to act out his emotions after revealing the details of his father’s murder. Things got a little too real and resulted in the Memphis native slamming the on-camera psychiatrist who was pretending to be his father’s killer.

Psychiatrist Jim Carroll asked each cast member to share a traumatic experience from their past. The estranged husband of Toya Wright, Memphitz revealed that his father was murdered by a white man who was later found to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

His father, Mickey Wright Sr., was a 46 when he went missing in April 2001. Reports confirmed a Dale V. Mardis, an auto sales owner and gun dealer, murdered Mickey Sr. in what the U.S. Department of Justice classified as a “racially motivated” hate crime.

In 2011, Mickey Sr. was dismembered with several pieces of his body burned in a 55-gallon drum of gasoline. His remaining body parts were placed in various junkyard cars and crushed. Mardis eventually confessed to the murder, which was his second racially charged murder since 1998. He was initially offered a plea deal to serve 15 years for the heinous crime, but a 2011 federal civil rights trial resulted in him landing behind bars to serve a life sentence.

“I already come up in a racist town, so it’s like for a racist KKK member to kill my dad, I have a fuse so short, it’s not good." After Memphitz revealed the heart-breaking memory, he was asked to “act out his anger."

"Tell me who you are mad at," implored the psychiatrist. When Memphitz said he was mad at the man who killed his father, he reacted swiftly and took him down.

Check out the clip above the story and you can see the image Memphitz shared on Instagram months ago on his dad's birthday below.


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