Beanie Sigel is still attempting to initiate a war with Jay-Z, but the Philly rapper seems to have fewer and fewer allies in his court. Memphis Bleek recently told MTV News that he fails to understand the thought process behind Sigel's decision to carry on the fight. During an album release concert for Freeway's 'Stimulus Package' in Philly this week, Beans took shots at both Hov and Bleek, rapping, "Memph Bleek pee the sheets/ Leave the bed all wetty," to a packed house.

Bleek, who is gearing up to perform on the upcoming leg of Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3' tour, said he doesn't understand where the hateful words are coming from. "My thing is, what's the purpose?" Bleek said. "You said all you had to say. You said you wasn't gonna say no more until Jay called you. He ain't call. Everything you said ain't adding up." Bleek questioned Beanie's motive behind the continuing disses, proposing that there must be something more than than an old beef brewing there.

"It becomes a point, what are you doing it for? Are you doing it to get you a deal? Are you doing it to get you hot, doing it to get you back on the radio?" he said. "That's all I wanna know. Anybody knows if you come at Hov, you're not stopping his movement. C'mon, it's stupid. We been there before. We seen this movie. I hate to elaborate on it, because it's like I'm breathing life on a situation that really don't need no life to it."

When the two last spoke before a Philadelphia show in 2009, Bleek said there was no beef between them, which makes the recent outburst all the more suspect. "For it to come out the blue like this, it was like, 'Oh, this is what you really was thinking?'" Bleek said. "When Ice Cube left N.W.A, it was automatic dis records. Automatic. They was coming at each other. The Roc had split up in 2003. We in 2010. Seven years later, you wanna dis? It's pointless. It's no truth to it." He finally concluded that Jay, who has continued to build his global brand in recent years, would never respond to Beanie's menial disses, even though there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

Check out the footage of Beanie Sigel firing shots at his former Roc Boys after the jump.