The mystery of who in Raekwon's crew punched Joe Budden in the face has finally been solved! Hanz, an associate of the Wu-Tang Clan member has stepped forward and admitted that he was the person that threw the punch that went down during a 'Rock the Bells' concert stop in August. Ironically Budden was taping a segment for am Internet vlog when members of the crew stormed threw the door and assaulted him.

Hanz said he attacked Budden after he made unflattering comments about fellow Wu-Tang members Method Man and Inspectah Deck. "The situation with Joe Budden and all that... he got beat up," Hanz said. "It's a lot of controversy surrounding it because nobody seen the tape yet. I'm the dude that did it, I punched him in the face because he was [out of] line. I look at him like, not the schoolyard bully, but the motherf---ing school that's always picking on a motherf---er that don't f--- with nobody. To say something about a n---- like Mef is crazy, Mef don't f--- with nobody and that's my big brother.

"He got punched in his face because he tried to throw it off on Mef, throw it off on Deck [Inspectah Deck], he tried to make it seem like a n---- was 6'5, 400 pounds. I'm a fat n---- I'm not [going to] sit here and say Rae made me do it, that was a spontaneous decision on my own...I ain't [going to] let nobody disrespect my big brother."

Hanz also stated that he did not regret his actions due in part to Budden's reputation for speaking negatively about several rappers. "I'm glad I did it, [be]cause he got a big mouth.. It wasn't actually planned, he could have actually changed that whole situation as it unfolded as it went on."

Budden called the blow a "sucker punch" and received backing from his fellow Slaughter House group member Crooked I, who went after Rae's crew after the incident. Rae however has decided to squash the beef even saying that he wouldn't rule out Wu-Tang Slaughterhouse collaboration.