MellowHype, the Odd Future offshoot consisting of low-voiced Left Brain and fast-paced delivery of Hodgy Beats, will finally put their ying-yang hip-hop styles to vinyl and other physical formats on July 12.

The duo released their second effort 'Blackenedwhite' for free online this past October, calling it an album "packed with gun sounds, grams of coke and dead cops" and "the perfect soundtrack for mobbing on a dark Halloween night." Ironically, at their SXSW show this past March, the duo rapped about the importance of an education and being on music's honor roll, albeit with their usual swag and quick-witted humor.

Around the same time of 'Blackenedwhite''s fall release, the Odd Future hype wave was taking off, and by March, MellowHype had hooked a deal with Fat Possum Records to re-release a remastered version of the 15-track album with a couple new songs, including the track '64.' On the hip-hop collective's TUMBLR, a post announcing the new release date cryptically pointed out that 'Chordaroy,' a 'Blackenedwhite' track featuring Odd Future's mysterious member Earl Sweatshirt, "will not be on there, sorry."

The Fat Possum release, revamped with new cover art depicting an upside down cross, is a one of kind deal. Odd Future and its spinoffs will release all their future albums via their own imprint Odd Future Records, but in the meantime they want you to know that: "Left Brain and Hodgy put [sic] alot into this s---, so please cop when drop."

Watch MellowHype Perform '64' feat. Bass Drum of Death

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