It looks like Meek Mill will be chilling in his crib for several more days. The Philadelphia rapper’s three-month house arrest sentence was supposed to end on Wednesday (June 1) but got extended.

According to TMZ, Meek was ordered at least eight more days on house arrest. Although the Dreamchaser leader has been on his best behavior, he’s still on a timeout in order to complete an approved community service assignment.

Apparently, he volunteered at places that were not approved by the judge. He spent his community service time visiting schools, helping out with Flint's water crisis, and delivering motivational speeches in his native Philly hometown. However, his contributions had little to do with court orders.

Meek donated to the Flint Child and Family Health Development Fund, which treats people suffering from health issues caused by ingesting large amounts of lead-filled water and also donated a reported 60,000 bottles of "JUST Water."

Meek was originally sentenced to put in 90 days of work with the homeless, Habitat for Humanity, or senior citizens & veterans. However, the 29-year-old rhymer's legal team says all the specifics of Meek’s volunteer work were never fully outlined.

But reports state that it was clearly detailed in his arrest/community service documents. Meek actually did visit a homeless shelter, but unfortunately he didn’t spend “enough” time in the shelter to meet his service requirement, according to the judge’s instructions. The Philadelphia District Attorney's office plans to reevaluate everything once his volunteer work is fully completed and he’s met the judge’s requirements.