Meek Mill may have taken a few L's in real life, but now video game creators, Otaku Gang, are helping him to avoid them in his virtual life with their game, Meeky Mill.

"The Meek Mill vs. Drake & 50 Cent beef has officially transformed into the video game realm," reads the description of the game. "Your mission is simple: Help Meek get $1,000,000 before he takes too many losses from 50 Cent and Drake."

Similar to the original Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros, the game is in 2D as Meek runs to collect coins while avoiding traps like spiky floors. 50 Cent later comes in like Doctor Eggman as he throws L bombs from his aircraft aimed directly at the Dreams Worth More Than Money. And if that's not enough to avoid, Drake comes in with rockets trained on the Philly-born rhymer -- also inscribed with the letter L.

The game's soundtrack, including “Commas Over Waiting” feat. Drake, Future and 50 Cent is also available on the site.

Otaku Gang is a creative collective made up of artist/producer duo Richie Branson & Solar Slim and graphic artist Plush Giant. The group is also responsible for the ridiculously awesome, Life After Death Star, which combined verses from The Notorious B.I.G. with the music of Star Wars.  The OG team has also worked with Adult Swim, Marvel and Def Jam.

Check out the gameplay for Meeky Mill above and start playing here.