Meek Mill is taking a negative and turning it into a positive. The rapper, who is celebrating the release of his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, this week, stopped by Power 105 to sit down with Angie Martinez and open up about everything from lessons he learned after spending time behind bars to his relationship with Nicki Minaj.

The Philly native reflects on his recent stint in jail, which he reveals actually helped him become a better person. "I was being caught up in trying to earn respect from people that don't care about me... sitting in the cell, I said to myself I kinda needed this," Meek revealed.

Meek, who went to jail last year for a probation violation, says that he wants to be a role model for kids now that he's out. "I can deliver the message to them. Dumb s--- don't make you cool. That ain't what life is about, I thought it was all about the hood. I come from a place where people die for $1,000 and now I'm in a place where people tip $1,000.00," he said.

As for rappers who get famous and forget where they came from, Meek isn't having that: "I'm really touching the people, most celebrities don't want people to come near them... I can't be the same."

Watch the entire interview above to hear the rhymer's thoughts on his boo Nicki Minaj (seeing her in his bed "feels like a dream" and their "Word War III" relationship is wild), police brutality and his new LP, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

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