Meek Mill has finally responded to Cassidy with a blistering diss track titled 'Kendrick You Next.'

For five minutes, Meek raps over some classic instrumentals, most of which were diss records including 'Hit Em Up,' 'Who Shot Ya,' 'Ether,' and 'Wanksta.' Meek sounds more inspired here than he's sounded in a while. His signature yell brought down to a roar while he flexes some lyrical muscle. He even switches up his flow midway over the 'Who Shot Ya' instrumental.

Meanwhile, the attacks Meek throws in Cassidy's direction are ruthless. He goes into details about the manslaughter case the Philly veteran beat several years ago, making nasty allegations of betrayal. He claims that people who used to mess with Cassidy turned their back on him now, including Swizz Beatz and Carmelo Anthony. Meek even goes as far as referencing the car crash that almost took Cassidy's life: "This verse gonna hit this n---a harder than that car crash/That you shoulda died in, I'm mad that you survived it/But I came to murder you and have you scuba diving."

Meek's response comes after several diss records from Cassidy. The most recent attack came several weeks back on a 'Control' Freestyle. Meek's response is thorough and perhaps career ending. However, Meek chose not address the diss records from another Philly rapper, Cyssero.

The title of the song refers to the fact that Kendrick Lamar name dropped Meek in his verse on 'Control.' While Meek does not make any references to Kendrick in his verses, he does shout out the Compton rapper in his outro. Will Meek Mill diss Kendrick next? 'Dreamchasers 3,' set to come out Sept. 20, should have the answer.