After recently teasing a remix of Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” instrumental and previewing it a few days ago on Snapchat, Meek Mill’s final version of the song is here for us to wrap our very critical hip-hop heads around. And you can’t tell him that he ain't “swaggin.'" Is that Nicki Minaj’s voice on the drop?

The Philly rapper not only spits over Drizzy’s beloved "Summer Sixteen" track but he also remixes Desiigner’s hit song “Panda” in a run-on, continuous track entitled “Trap Vibes.” Perhaps Meek decided in his breathy run with a dope beat and OVO cadence, that using the exact same flow, and his own hype energy, he’d win back the streets. Isn’t it a coincidence that hours after Drake released (not one but two) new songs, “One Dance” and “Pop Style”, his hip-hop nemesis Meek Mill would take a stab at stealing a little bit of Drake’s thunder? What’s more interesting, is that it’s obviously NOT a freestyle. At what point did we confuse the difference between an organized written song fitting over an instrumental, and an overtly direct (and in most cases disrespectful, down-right grimy) freestyle? Needless to say, Meek has learned his lesson in publicity stunts--and more importantly, timing. But the question remains, is it worth our time?

There are some exciting lines but no direct shots at Drake. However, Meek has some choice words for his haters and he’s obviously feeling himself over a dope beat--which is kinda’ fun to listen to. Anywho, take a close listen above and sound off!