Meek Mill’s beef with his former Dreamchasers signee Louie V Gutta apparently turned physical on Tuesday (June 9).

While Meek was on the set of his “Check” video shoot in Philadelphia, a pistol-whipping occurred, according to TMZ. Neither Meek nor Louie V Gutta were the victims of the vicious blow, but what we do know is that the latter and his camp showed up uninvited.

Things got heated when words were exchanged between the crews. The shouting match escalated to a shoving match, which ended in someone in Gutta’s camp getting smacked down with what looks like the butt of a handgun, which can be seen in the video obtained by TMZ. A bystander also yells out “They’re about to fight."

The cause of the altercation isn't known and Gutta even claims he wasn't there to start a brawl but rather just talk to Meek. "Stop the rumors man I wasn't in no fight no pistol whip no & bul just was having a convo that's all," Gutta wrote in the caption of a post accompanied by a video of himself in which he reinforces his message.

Gutta and Meek have had issues in the past stemming from a heated exchange of words on Twitter last year. The drama ignited oddly enough over a 2014 Hot 97 Summer Jam incident, which resulted in clothing designer Slowbucks being robbed of his chain.

“What goes around comes around…karma,” Gutta wrote. Meek promptly responded to the tweet, which to the naked eye appeared harmless. “Slow got the chain back u got took chill bro u drawing!” the MMG rhymer replied. Of course Gutta couldn’t let it end there. He went on to blast Meek for tweeting and not calling him. The two rhymers continued to exchange words and things got uglier from there.

Peep the Twitter convo where the war between between Gutta and Milly began here. Hopefully, the two can end their feud before things get out of control.

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