All's well doesn't always end well. Meek Mill got into another social media battle, but this time it's with comedian Michael Blackson.

After the two attended a charity event in Philadelphia with Yazz from Empire, Blackson posted a photo of the three with a funny caption. “Home. In Philly giving back to the elderly with Cookie's son and Twitter fingers," he wrote. Blackson was clearly poking fun by using Drake's line in the Meek Mill diss song "Back to Back," where he raps "twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers." But Mill isn't one to take kindly to jokes.

The Dreams Worth More than Money creator, who's more and more becoming known for having thin skin, had to reply with a jab of his own. 

“We doing charity but we need to help him get some real Gucci sneaks! None of the kids knew who he wasssss! Lol what are thooooosssseeeee!” Meek wrote in the caption of a photo of Blackson talking to kids. Soon afterwards, he posted another photo with a closeup of Blackson's shoes. “He missing the G’s," read the caption.

Blackson replied with a few jabs of his own -- referring to the infamous battle between Meek and Drizzy over the summer again. "He roasted me immediately but took days to respond to that light skin n----," he tweeted, referring to Drake. He also made sure to post a close-up of his shoes with a "G" in Gucci. "I'm rich now, I don't buy fake s--- anymore Meek," read the caption.

Check it all the social media hilarity below.

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