With Meek Mill, you get the best of both worlds. He possess the skills of a conscious, lyrical MC but can still spit vivid street rhymes all in one shot. The most recent example of this arrives on his remix of '0 to 100,' Drake's song of the same name. And man, does the Philly native go in.

"F--- all that Meek you gotta chill s--- / I be on some get a n---- killed s--- / Put a hundred bands on you real quick / My Philly n----s make a movie outcha Will Smith," spits the Dream Chasers Records founder.

And Meek seemingly devotes a couple of lines to the Slowbucks crew, and refers to one of their members getting robbed at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert earlier this month.

"Rat n---- got my chain snatched / And he didn't even get the chain back / On the news with the police, then talking on Twitter I ain't playing that," he rhymes. It's possible Meek felt compelled to address the Summer Jam melee since him and 50 Cent are known to be friends.

With no hook, the MMG affiliate doesn't let the listener get a break, and spits memorable line after line. And of course, he uses his signature cadence, which falls somewhere between yelling and his normal tone.

If fans weren't already anticipating his next album, 'Dreams Worth More Than Money,' they'll definitely be thirsting for it now.

Listen to Meek Mill's '0 to 100' Remix