MC Serch is known for his legendary rap history with 3rd Bass but he's also a sneakerhead. During his years touring and recording, the rapper was always laced with the latest kicks. Now he's selling his prized sneaker collection, which consists of deadstock pieces dating back to the '80s.

The entertainer revealed his 300-pair collection to Complex and it's expansive. Serch said that he started collecting kicks in high school.

"I first started collecting in 1980, that’s when I first started copping two pairs of Puma Clydes," he recalled. "I was working for this store called Morton's Army/Navy. They had the illest sneaker collection. I’d cop two pairs because I wanted one for work and one for being fly and standing out."

Serch's collection includes recent sneaker releases but the bulk are deadstock kicks from the '80s and '90s.

"95 percent of my collection is all originals, so they go back to ’82, ’85, ’90-’94. A lot of them are around 20 years old," Serch said.

So if you wear a size 12.5 or 13, you can have Serch's collection for $75,000, which breaks down to $250 per sneaker. However, Serch is looking for serious collectors to buy his treasure trove of shoes.

"I don’t want to sell them for the price I’m going to sell them for and find out someone is going to flip and sell them," he said. "I would probably buy them back. I want someone to buy it and see a period of sneaker culture from 1989 to the present and see how it’s evolved aesthetically."

If you're interested in buying Serch's prized sneaker collection, email him at with questions and to obtain more information.

Peep Serch's full sneaker collection here.