N.W.A. members MC Ren and Ice Cube collaborate for the first time in over a decade as the two West Coast legends team up on the remix to 'Rebel Music' produced by E-A-Ski. The pair hasn't lost a step as both MCs attack the booming instrumental crafted by E-A-Ski. MC Ren eviscerates weak rappers, declaring that their "garbage" has brought him back to clean up the game. Cube takes on a broader scope while affirming his status as a rebel.

Ice Cube raps, "Y'all n---as know Ice Cube's a rebel / Do you wanna know how I fooled the devil? / Already know that I'm down with Irving / Don't give a f--k about Donald Sterling / N---as in Paris, Paris is burning / I'm here to exterminate the vermin / Pick them off like Richard Sherman / Straight outta Compton, here's the sermon."

The remix can be purchased now on iTunes and will likely be featured on MC Ren's album of the same name, 'Rebel Music', which is scheduled to drop later this year.

Stream MC Ren's 'Rebel Music' Remix featuring Ice Cube