Amidst all the emo/punk/rock bands playing at The Bamboozle Festival over the weekend, one of the most entertaining sets was delivered by none other than 90's party rapper, MC Hammer. I really can't pinpoint why I enjoyed the performance so much. Perhaps it was due to the confusion and discomfort splashed upon the young faces. Regardless, nostalgia had a firm grip on me as I reminisced about a time when spending all day in a parking lot for a festival was actually an ideal way to enjoy a Saturday.

As the sun was setting, Hammer delivered all the hits with mind-blowing energy, a backing track and a helluva lot of dancers. His set revived old favorites including 'Too Legit to Quit,' 'Pumps and a Bump,' 'Pray' and 'U Can't Touch This.' The fun got a little bit awkward, however, when the dancers toted American flag-adorned coffins on stage while Hammer launched into an anti-war rant recruiting participants for a text message capable petition and presented a new song called 'Bring Our Brothers Home.'

My favorite moment of the show? The look of terror on young emo faces when they realized New Found Glory had already begun their set on the main stage as Hammer was running 15 minutes over his scheduled time.
While some may refer to the performance as embarrassing or egocentric, it was nice to see the man behind some of 90's hip-hop's beloved anthems bust a move without the parachute pants.