Matisyahu emerged at Bonnaroo on Sunday with a Father's Day message for the throng assembled on a hot Tennessee afternoon. "Every man here should be a father as soon as possible!" he urged, bringing his own 10-month old son, Leivi, onstage for a cameo. "This is the reason why we're here -- to make babies! Prosper!"

During his set, Matisyahu stretched and dubbed out his better-known material in the improvisational spirit of Bonnaroo, and mixed human beatboxing, freestyle rhyme and Hebrew prayer into the songs. A small posse of his religious brethren watched from the photo pit.

In a recent chat with AOL Music, Matisyahu revealed that he sees his musical endeavors as part of a greater mission.

"Not to compare myself to Bob Marley, but he was connecting to all different types of people, because his music was like a universal music," he said. "I think reggae music in general lends itself to some kind of universal thing -- people that are hard rock or hip-hop or whatever can somehow connect to that music.

"Every religion, every culture, every type of person -- you know, they have something in them that's relating to it," he continued. "And we've seen that, amazingly, at the shows. [We have] every walk of life at these shows, and this combination of people that's like, really far out."

Check out Matisyahu's AOL Sessions performance.