It could very well be the academic world's answer to 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley.' LaMar Queen, a math teacher at the Los Angeles Academy Middle School, has kids rapping 'Mean, Median, Mode and Range.' And while Queen's raps trade out the nice cars and the hip-hop high life for denominators and polynomials, it's helping his students go from C-averages to Bs and As.

"Math is a bad word in a lot of households," he told the Associated Press. "But if we put it in a form that kids enjoy, they'll learn."

After being teased by students for his boring classes and resemblance to Kanye West, Queen -- who's been rapping since he himself was in the seventh grade -- took to the constructive criticism and decided to spice up his lesson plans. Now kids that don't even have him for a teacher sing his rap songs. Tunes like 'Quadratic Formulove Song' have helped him receive honors and awards from his school district, as well as from the Viacom and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation education program Get Schooled.

Queen is hoping to launch a rap math business that includes a rap CD/DVD via his website This creative use of rap just might beat out the rapping weatherman.