Here's a word of advice: If you ever go up against battle rapper Math Hoffa in a war of words, you better spit and duck at the same time, as one unlucky prankster found out the hard way.

Dennis Chuyeshkov, who has a YouTube channel where he commits similar gags, got yanked up and choked pretty quickly after he used a couple of oral sex lines in his rhymes.

"I ain't done yet I'm only keeping it real / Put my d--- in your mouth so you know how it feels," he spits.

Chuyeshkov's sexualized rhymes got Hoffa's attention, as the smile he wore quickly disappeared. But it was the second oral sex line that did the prankster in.

"Find out where you live, come through with my team / Suck your d--- with no hands so he can seal the deal," he rapped.

Suddenly, the hulking battle rapper grabbed Chuyeshkov's throat with one hand, and immediately Chuyeshkov let him know that he was joking.

"It's a joke," he screamed, seemingly in fear for his life. "It's a prank. That's the point of the video."

Math then sent a tweet about the incident.

Unless you haven't known, the Brooklyn native is no stranger to physical confrontations during rap battles. Last year, he sucker punched Serius Jones in the 'Summer Madness 3' battle, and in June of this year he was punched by Dizaster in the 'King of the Dot's' Battle in Los Angeles.

Clearly, Hoffa's reputation for having potent bars and knocking people out share the exact same space.