Crooner Mateo is preparing the release of his new mixtape, Suite 823, a follow-up to 2011's Love & Stadiums. Before the effort debuts on his official site, the 26-year-old Ohio-born, Los Angeles-bred entertainer is providing fans with the first song, "Carry On."

"I came up with the song while literally walking through the streets of NYC," Mateo tells The BoomBox. "The song is about those situations when you are talking to a girl who is still tied to a bad relationship and you are telling her that you can take her from that situation."

"It's the idea that if you are happier when you're around me then lets 'carry on' to a happier life and forget the painful past," he continues.

Longtime Alicia Keys collaborator Kerry "Krucial" Brothers & Zeke MacUmber produced the effort. Brothers, who heads the Krucial Noise imprint, signed Mateo in 2010.

Listen to Mateo's "Carry On"

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