Up-and-coming singer Mateo, who dropped his 'Love & Stadiums' R&B mixtape earlier this year, has released a visual for his Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys-featured first single, 'Say It's So.'

Taking an obvious cue from Big Sean's wardrobe, the Cincinnati-bred crooner rocks a hoodie and sleeveless denim jacket in the David "Dahveed" Telles-helmed video, wandering the streets of New York, as he alternately ponders the skyline, rides the subway and plays an old upright piano, searching for his lost love.

Though Swizz and Keys do not make an appearance in the video, Mateo ultimately meets his girl on the Brooklyn Bridge, but inexplicably keeps walking past, defiantly brandishing his Metallica patch (?).

"You go through a break-up and a relationship and you hope that that person is hurting as bad as you are," Mateo explained of the song, in an interview with The BoomBox. "It's kind of warped in a way but it's the truth. You want the person to be hurt just like you and I'm really saying 'I know this don't sound right, but I hope you're hurt like me.' Then I know that you feel something or that our relationship meant something."

Mateo's EP 'Love and Stadiums II' will be released via iTunes on Dec. 6.

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