Mater P and Lil Wayne

Even though the Minnesota Vikings did not make it to this year's Super Bowl, rapper Master P is upset with Lil Wayne for siding with them instead of their hometown team, the New Orleans Saints.

"I'm rooting for Brett because I'm a diehard. I believe the Vikings will win because of the running attack." Wayne declared in an interview, prematurely declaring the Vikings and their star quarterback Brett Favre the winners of last Sunday's NFC championship game. In a stunning victory that extended into overtime, the New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings 31-28.

Master P however did not take too kindly to what he sees as Wayne's lack of loyalty. "As a young child growing up in New Orleans, I always wanted to see the Saints go to the Super Bowl," P said. "The comment Lil Wayne made about New Orleans Saints losing to the Minnesota Vikings, made no sense to me as a New Orleans native. This is our hope as a city after surviving Hurricane Katrina. This team should bring us together as people. I understand that he has the right to have his own opinion and comment or even root for another team if he wants to. It's just disappointing to hear this coming from a brother who was born and raised in New Orleans, made money off his music representing the city of New Orleans, talking about it in his lyrics. I'm from Uptown New Orleans and I don't care who the Saints play against, how good the opposing team is, nor what the odds are against them. I would never go against my team."

The Saints head to Super Bowl XLIV to face the Indianapolis Colts on Feb. 7.