Gangster rapper-turned-philanthropist P. "Master P" Miller gave some unsolicited advice to expatriated rapper Shyne recently.

In an interview with ForbezDVD, Miller advised Shyne to give up rapping altogether, and begin acting in order to save his career.

"He's getting older now and he's got a real short time frame," Miller told ForbezDVD. "Hip-hop's at an all-time low right now, to where he's not really selling that many records. He should get into TV, other opportunities... He could utilize his celebrity status to get into something else... Not just live for hip-hop."Admittedly, Shyne's output since signing a reported seven-figure contract with Def Jam has been spotty at best, and he's currently barred from re-entry into the United States. Miller continued to advise the former Bad Boy rapper to not only quit making music, but to also "disassociate himself from any negativity" and start fresh.

"Look at his resources and what got him into the situation in the first place... Disassociate himself with any negativity... Any people that's negative. He got a second chance at life I think he should make the best of it," P added.

Might not be the worst advice; there's bound to be a sixth 'Fast and Furious' film for Shyne to star in at some point.