Master PThough former No Limit Records owner P. "Master P" Miller is excited about his Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints, he won't be celebrating any time soon.

The former gangsta rapper has announced plans to build a school in Haiti, in an attempt to help the earthquake-stricken country rebuild, and he's not doing any partying until it is finished. "My Super Bowl victory party won't begin until the building of our school in Haiti is complete," Miller explained.

"The city that was washed away by a hurricane was brought back together by one of the greatest football teams of 2010," he continued. "The same hope that we could give to other cities and nations that have been devastated by a natural disaster like Haiti. I realize that even as we celebrate this victory, not too far away kids and their families are still dealing with tragedies. And we as people should team up and help."

Miller also noted that the Saints' first Super Bowl victory will help New Orleans to rebuild, both physically and emotionally, from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. "The Saints winning the Super Bowl was more than a game for the people in New Orleans; it gave hope to a 'Who Dat' Nation and other nations that are dealing with tragedy," Miller continued. "This is a city that strived a long time to rise above poverty, crime and racism. For over forty years, our people have joined together through this one team representing the colors of black and gold, hoping to experience the sweet taste of victory."

For more info about the Haitian relief effort, click here.