Master P has dabbled in a few different industries in his career, and he's not done exploring other avenues. He recently announced his latest project in technology, a video game called Get Money.

Get Money is designed after Rockstar’s mega hit game, Grand Theft Auto, and is being considered the first “African-American minority-owned technology game” available for leading consoles.

Miller spent a lot of time on this project. He partnered with a team of Korean developers six years ago, and still doesn't plan to take the company, Get Money Video Game, public until  2018.

“Why are we not benefitting from this multi-billion dollar industry that has been created off of our lifestyle,” Percy Miller asked via the press release. “We have to expand our mind to technology. It is the new way to sell music.”

Get Money takes place in New Orleans where gamers will have the option to play as villain, hustler, cop, boss, or entertainer. It's a survival of the fittest theme, where whoever plays their cards right will get the most money. P Miller says this is "the world's most dangerous video game." If you make the right choices, you get the money. But if you make the wrong choices it’s death, jail or destruction just like in the real world.

Get Money will be available for Playstation, Xbox, PC and mobile apps.

You can get more information about the game at, and catch the trailer below.


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