Just when it seemed like they called a truce, singer Mashonda isn't done slamming her ex-husband Swizz Beatz and his girlfriend, Alicia Keys. After a few months of silence and what seemed to be a public ceasefire, Mashonda has some leftover animosity towards her broken marriage and spoke with Bossip.com to give her side of the story.

Her first order of business was clarifying Swizzy's comments that their divorce was close to being finalized. "Unfortunately, my divorce is not final, the paperwork hasn't been signed by the judge, and so therefore, we are still legally married," she said. "Not that I'm proud of that, (this process has been hell on earth) but divorces take time."

Swizz recently opened up about the fallen relationship, during a taping of New York radio personality DJ Enuff's reality show, and refuted claims he had an affair with Keys before separating from his wife. Mashonda begs to differ. "Our marriage and our family was never respected, nor has been a concern to the parties involved," she said. "Both of them have been extremely [determined] to disregard the fact that I am a human being with feelings, a mother, and the woman [who] was there when this man was sick, down, and without money or fame. Amazing how people forget!"

"I believe the two of them are meant for each other. Only a certain type of woman would sleep with a married man, and only a certain type of man would abandon his family for another woman. I guess they are 'equals.'" Although Swizzy maintains that the relationship was going downhill for 10 years, Mashonda provided the website with a few loving photos of the two as proof that they were still happy leading up to the split. "I seriously hope people can learn a thing or two from all of this. It's a disease to family growth and human behavior."

The 31-year-old producer began dating Keys in 2008. The couple made their first public appearance at a red carpet event Monday (March 15) in New York City.