Rapper-turned-preacher Mason "Mase" Betha has been busy lately. Earlier this month, the former Bad Boy Records artist released 'Shut the City Down,' the first single from his forthcoming comeback album. He was also spotted in New York, where he supposedly met with his former boss and partner-in-crime, Diddy.

But hip-hop comeback aside, Mase will don his pastor suit again hosting the Millionaires Meeting, along with his Mason Betha Ministries, later this month in Athens, Ga. The goal of this particular outreach is to teach attendees how to "overcome during these economic times and achieve financial freedom."

Mase's Millionaires Meeting is slated for Aug. 23 at the University of Georgia's Tate Center.

We're not sure how exactly he intends to make moneymakers out of his flock, but the "Millionaires Meeting" will take place at the University of Georgia's Tate Center on August 23, at 6 PM, for those interested.

In other Mase-related news, the Harlem-bred rapper recently responded to rumors that 'Shut the City Down' is actually a diss to Jay-Z, whose name he drops in the song. "I'm not about dissin anyone on STCD," Mase twittered. "Neither am I dissin' or making subliminal quotes! That's wack and weak. Jay & I respect each other."

Wonder if Jay's gonna be at the meeting.