Mase has yet to get right with Uncle Sam, who's seeking some $150,000 in back taxes, but he's finally settled his case with an Atlanta jewelry store that had accused him of skipping out on his bling bill.

As TMZ reports, the Harlem rapper won't have to pay Aydin & Company the $35,000 they'd been seeking in court since late last year. The jeweler had accused Mace of failing to pay for goods he received back in 2005, but a judge has decided in Mase's favor, ruling that the former Bad Boy superstar owes nothing.

The Harlem World MC had maintained that he received bad service and never signed the "alleged contract at issue in case."

He might not get so lucky with the feds, but the "Feel So Good" rhymer is said to be working on a comeback album. Assuming the public hasn't lost its appetite for shiny jackets and bombastic pop-rap anthems, Mase will be A-OK.

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