Rapper/minister Mase finally received his walking papers from Diddy and his Bad Boy Records label.

In a move that surprised everyone, Mase arrived at unannounced at Atlanta's V103 radio studio earlier where Diddy and Dirty Money were being interviewed by Ryan Cameron, and asked that he be formally released from his contract with Bad Boy.

Initially Mase, who was Diddy's Bad Boy protege after Biggie's death, and Diddy didn't discuss the contract or Mase's unexpected appearance. During a break from the interview to play Dirty Money's "XXX," Mase handed Diddy a document. Diddy read and signed the paper, which Mase showed to a camera on hand to document Diddy's appearance. (Watch the footage here.)

When the show went back on air, Diddy explained what just happened, "Just be clear [Mase] has the freedom to do whatever he want to do...People have felt like our situation I may have stopped him or whatever, he can do whatever he wanna do. I'm tryna make sure everyone is crystal clear. If you want those Mase verses, getcha hustle on. He gotta slick tongue though, he's a mean negotiator, so you better come with that guap."

After the appearance, Mase excitedly told the cameraman that it had taken him "10 years to get this paperwork right here. I had to put this in UPS; I don't want nothing to spill on it. I don't even know what I'mma put out now. Oh my goodness. We good ... I got my official papers right here from Puff Daddy. It was love. So I guess we don't have no problems after all. I don't even know how to take that. I ain't used to Puff doing good stuff."

Previously, Diddy made peace with the LOX, another group from the early days of Bad Boy that was finally able to get out of what was reported a very unfavorable contract with Diddy.

Has Diddy turned over a new leaf?