"Why," the third single from Mary J. Blige's My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1), isn't the happiest of songs, but in the new video, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and guest rhymer Rick Ross manage to have a pretty good time.

Mary starts out heartbroken, moping around her apartment and singing about a love affair that just ain't working. She perks up a bit when she joins Ross at a swagged-out party, but even amid well-dressed, good-looking groovers and clanging glasses of Belvedere, she can't seem to shake her sadness

Eventually, Rozay hops on the mic and drops a boastful lover-man verse that seemingly has nothing to do with the song, and by the end, both he and Blige are onstage, performing in white suits as confetti falls from the ceiling.

Why? Why not.

Watch Mary J. Blige's "Why" Video Feat. Rick Ross
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