Mary J. Blige might be gearing up for a new role in Warner Bros. and New Line's film adaptation of the popular '80s musical 'Rock of Ages.'

According to New York Magazine, sources say that the Grammy winner is "all in" to take on the role of Justice Charlier, the owner of the show's strip club venue, Venus Club. But there have been no confirmed reports from Blige's camp. Tom Cruise is also reportedly in talks to star alongside Mary, as rock personality Stacee Jaxx, or Dennis Dupree who owns the show's Bourbon Room bar.

Rock of Ages charts the journey of a couple who meet at the Sunset Strip club 'Rock of Ages' and attempts to keep their relationship alive while pursuing the rock star life. The show features popular '80s hit songs from musicians like Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar and Journey. 'Rock of Ages' made its theater debut in Los Angeles in 2006, and moved off-Broadway in 2008. The upcoming production of the show will be directed by Hairspray's Adam Shankman.

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