Mary J. Blige's 13th album, 'The London Sessions,' is shaping up to be one of the best R&B albums of 2014. Now the project is available to stream through First Play on iTunes Radio.

The 12-song collection boasts therapeutic love ballads and finds the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul's soulful vocals soaring on top of piano melodies, acoustic guitar chords and orchestral strings.

The entire album sounds beautiful. Previously released songs 'Whole Damn Year,' 'Nobody But You' and 'Right Now' are on here as well. In addition, the tender ballad 'Worth My Time,' the acoustic guitar-driven 'When You're Gone,' the boom-bap sounding 'Long Hard Look' and the dance floor burner 'My Lovin' are also big standouts on the LP.

“The songs are fun, therapeutic and soulful. This is a beautiful change for me and I’m proud of what we have done here," says Blige about the album.

Overall, MJB's 'The London Sessions' is a must-have for your music library and a perfect gift for the holidays.

To listen to the album, click on the button below.

The London Sessions Tracklist

1. 'Therapy'
2. 'Worth My Time'
3. 'Not Loving You'
4. 'Doubt'
5. 'My Loving'
6. 'When You’re Gone'
7. 'Pick Me Up'
8. 'Whole Damn Year'
9. 'Nobody But You'
10. 'Right Now'
11. 'Long Hard Look'
12. 'Follow'