Mary J. Blige's 'Mr. Wrong' single opens with guest rapper Drake talking about how he's "always there when it matters." But when the video came out in December, dude was nowhere to be found. What gives?

Thankfully, the Toronto MC has made things right, and in a new version of the clip -- now available online and posted below -- Drizzy shows up to mime his verse, looking characteristically somber in front of a brick wall bathed in blue light.

From Drake's bit on, the visuals play out pretty much like the original. This is good news, since the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul looks bad-ass in her various vintage outfits, and she even throws in some dance steps, playing a figurine in a music box.

"Bad boys ain't no good/ good boys ain't no fun," Mary sings, leaving us to decide which the ever-conflicted Drake is.

Watch Mary J. Blige's Video for 'Mr. Wrong' Feat. Drake

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