Mary J. Blige is tapping into her youthful side on her recent release 'Stronger,' featuring Chris Brown. Blige and the 20-year-old teamed for the ballad, which appears on the mixtape 'Desert Storm South R&B.'

The song finds Blige's signature brawny vocals assisting Brown's soft whimsy as the two chronicle a sturdy relationship. "They say we weren't thinking/but guess what we made it/and we got 'em wondering how," the pair sing. "I will survive as long as its you by my side/I'm stronger/stronger/stronger," says the chorus. Brown plays background to Blige; simultaneously layering her hook with his own faint rendition. Despite a few cliches in the rhyme scheme Brown's understated presence assists in a solid offering for Blige, who is known for her relationship ballads.

Although 'Stronger' can only be heard via the mixtape there's no word yet if it will make it to her upcoming album. The New York native did however link with the everyone's favorite rapper of late, Drake, for the track 'The One.' Blige plays around with voice distortion via the ever-popular auto-tune craze on the track. "It was for effect," she said. "I wanted 'Crazy Mary' to get her shine on. She couldn't get her shine with my regular voice. I used the effect. I used it as a telephone effect or reverb."

Blige's ninth album is due in stores later this year.

Listen to 'Stronger' here.