After a Burger King commercial starring Mary J. Blige made headlines due to the chanteuse singing soulfully about crispy chicken, many of the "Mr. Wrong" performer's supporters felt she let them down by falling victim to stereotypes. However, one fan put all of that aside during a recent trip to Hollywood, where the singer gifted her with a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.

Candis Linen of Cleveland, Ohio, an avid listener of hometown station 93.1 WZAK, won an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood thanks to the station, in addition to a $2,500 shopping spree and lunch with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul last week.

Blige and Linen sat down for a meal of lobster, shrimp and filet mignon at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills. As they ate, both engaged in a discussion centered on faith, removing negative energy and allowing good things to come into one's life -- all hot topics that the R&B singer proudly details in her lyrics.

Food for thought that was, but hitting the strip was the highlight. Blige suggested stopping at the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive to take full advantage of her 50 percent off friends and family discount. The Grammy-winning artist chose a tan Gucci bag for Linen, who was floored she was able to walk out of the designer hot spot with that, two huge shopping bags and an unforgettable experience.

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