We all believed Mary J. Blige when she tearfully declared that there would be 'No More Drama' with her 2001 album, but that may only have been applicable to her love life. Mary performed at the Jazz in the Gardens music festival at Miami's Sun Life Stadium this past Saturday (March 20), where she reportedly let her diva side shine.

A source told the NY Daily News that Mary gave organizers a hard time with her bratty demands and even took the stage 90 minutes late for her performance. "Her handlers kept saying that she would 'go on stage when she was ready.' But it was almost midnight when she got on, which took the entire festival into overtime,'" the source revealed.

According to the insider, the R&B star made demands that the backstage area be cleared of journalists before she would even enter the arena. "While she sat in her limousine, her personal guards came into the press tent to clear out the area like they were the Secret Service. They first demanded that all print and online journalists be kicked out because Mary didn't want to take questions. They were acting like she was Michelle Obama or Queen Elizabeth." When she did enter Sun Life Stadium, Mary apparently made it a point to ignore everyone around her while she prepped for her performance. "When Mary finally emerged from her car, she walked into the tent for literally two minutes wearing dark shades even though it was night time. She struck one pose and then walked off without bothering to say a single word," the source said. "Her antics were extreme and unwarranted."

Timely performers of the evening included Robin Thicke, Teena Marie and Joe Sample