Looks like the Marine Corps Ball is going to be a star-studded affair this year.

After 'Friends With Benefits' co-stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake agreed to attend the November event with two of his fellow marines earlier this week, Sergeant Ray Lewis, an Afghanistan and Iraq war vet and aspiring rapper who performs under the name RSonic, invited 'Golden Girls' star Betty White to accompany him to the formal.

In the humorous YouTube clip, which kicks off with a round of calisthenics, Sgt. Lewis entreated the 89-year-old television star to be his date at the ball.

"We had one Marine asking Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps ball, then we have another marine asking out Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball, I figured 'Hey, why not? Why don't I ask somebody to the Marine Corp Ball,'" Lewis deadpans in the video, before switching to his dress blues to make his formal request. "I would like to take Betty White. She's just funny, she's sweet, she's mature, shes the all around perfect woman. I really think that we'd have a good time -- I'm fun. I'm gonna be performing, I think I could make her laugh, I think she could make me laugh. I think we could laugh together, it's gonna be great."

Armed with a long stem rose, the Oceanside, Calif. native, who lists Steve Urkel and "that guy from Police Academy who made all the noises" among his influences, continued to appeal for White's hand at the dance.

"It's gonna be a good time, it's gonna be me and her at the Marine Corps Ball this year, I know it," he implored. "So...call me?"

While White has yet to accept Lewis' invitation, the Marine Corps MC later tweeted, "I'm working on a song for a 'golden girl'" in reference to his golden-haired ambition.

Check out RSonic's rap skills here.

Watch RSonic's Invite to Betty White