Mariah Carey is the latest celebrity to team exclusively with the Home Shopping Network. The multiple Grammy winner is set to debut a lifestyle collection on the network which will include shoes, jewelry and perfume.

The jewelry collection will feature Carey's signature butterfly ornamentation with pieces selling between for $39.99 and $199.95. Carey's shoes will be moderately priced from $69.90 to $160.90. The line is set to launch on November 29.

Carey will also sell a limited-edition version of her Luscious Pink fragrance on HSN. Last month, Mary J. Blige broke HSN records with the release of her perfume My Life, selling 50,000 bottles and grossing an estimated $2.7 million from her partnership with the network. Blige's record-breaking sales trumped previous title holder Sean "Diddy" Combs, who sold out of his I Am King cologne and Empress fragrance gift sets in minutes, pocketing roughly $300,000.

Aside from adding to her ever growing net worth -- estimated at $225 million -- Carey is working on starting a family with her husband of two years, Nick Cannon. Although she has yet to officially announce that she is indeed with child, the 40-year-old hinted at her obvious baby bump explaining that she is superstitious about breaking the news too early.

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