mariah CareyMariah Carey had some harsh words for rumored ex-boyfriend, Eminem, on 'The Late Show with David Letterman,' on Friday (Nov. 13).

"He continuously references me," she told Letterman. "I don't know why, so I wrote a song that's really an anthem for all, like, little girls or kids that get their ponytails pulled and get abused, because the boy is really in love with them and they can't be with them."

Carey, who reportedly dated Em back in 2001, traded disses with the rapper earlier this year. Though the singer wouldn't outright admit that her song, 'Obsessed' is about Eminem, it's pretty clear. "The song is not about anybody and yet it could be about anybody. You know? You never know," she told Letterman, which is as close to an admission as one can hope for.

Mariah's husband Nick Cannon was caught on camera after her appearance, wearing a big grin. Eminem also recently dissed Cannon and released a song called 'The Warning,' where he claimed to possess naked photos of Cannon's wife.

Eminem's new album 'Relapse 2' is coming shortly, so let's hope the beef stays ... on 'Letterman.'