Social workers ended their inquiry into Mariah Carey's child neglect case after interviewing the singer at her home Thursday (May 26).

According to TMZ, Carey was visited by representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services in response to an anonymous complaint that the 41-year-old was drinking alcohol while breast feeding. Carey's lawyer, Laura Wesser, was also at the home during the interview in which DCFS questioned her about the incident in question, and concluded that the twins were in a safe and healthy environment.

As previously reported, a social worker visited both Carey and her husband Nick Cannon in the hospital in response to the drinking allegation. Cannon later cleared up that a nurse suggested that his wife drink a small amount of Guinness beer in order to stimulate lactation for breast feeding, he also alleges that the anonymous tip came from someone looking to cash in. "I guess someone maybe overheard that [suggestion], and this is a good way to make a quick buck, or call the tabloids," he said.

Despite taking their twins home from the hospital two weeks ago, Carey and Cannon have yet to release any official photos of their babies. Yet keeping the identity of the babies a secret has done little to curb interest in the children, named Monroe and Moroccan Scott, earlier this week Cannon tweeted that someone leaked their birth certificates.

Carey gave birth to the babies, a boy and girl, via Cesarean section on April 30.

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