Manolo Rose and Dave East teamed up for the new cut "Monopoly," where both rappers say they have too much money and power for a woman to love them for the people they are.

"You love me for me, but who are you kidding," the hook goes, which actually borrows a line from Kanye West's "Devil in a New Dress." "You love me for me? Could you be more phony," Ye raps in the song.

On "Monopoly," both Rose and East deliver equally strong verses.

"She said daddy why you leave me? Asked me why I never call / From a hard part of the city, just want my leather soft / I'm just one of them type of n----- that you never cross / Italian spot ordered pasta please don't forget the sauce," spits East, which is followed by a well-written verse from Manolo.

"Vision me, I'm the epitome of Frank White / With unlaced Timbs, I got a Lil' Kim with me / So there's a Kennedy, Denzel or Billy Dee / The 8-6 not the 550," he spits.

This isn't the first time the New York rappers have combined their skills, since they collaborated on Fame School's "Tom Ford & Crack Smoke," as well as Maino's "Harder Than Them."

You can listen to "Monopoly" below.

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