A Colorado man was sentenced to life in prison for shooting and killing a man outside of an E-40 concert in 2009.

Terry Lamaire Gaines, a 24-year-old, was convicted of shooting a 27-year-old named Michael Allen Davis in a parking lot after the show in Colorado Springs. He received life in prison with an additional 10 extra years from the judge because of charges in addition to the murder. After the act, Gaines led police on a car chase and was eventually busted with an illegal firearm and marijuana in his possession.

Gaines attempted to plea self defense during the trial. He claimed that Davis was reaching for a gun and that it was necessary to shoot him before any further crime went down. The judge and jury found no evidence of truth in Gaines' claim.

This was back in an oddly violent era for E-40 fans. Another Colorado show, this time in Denver, devolved into a shootout just four months earlier in December 2008. That night, shots were fired directly into a crowd of approximately 100 people. Five were wounded.

Either way, E-40 continues to move on. He is prepping his upcoming album, 'Revenue Retrievin': Graveyeard Shift,' for a March 29 release. The record will contain features from Bun B, Tech N9ne and T-Pain.

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